Empowering People in the Workplace

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This workshop developed by Jane Nelsen and Dina Emser, is designed to provide a step-by-step approach to help business professionals understand how to create a culture of mutual respect in the workplace. This program stands alone or offers significant enhancement to other leadership programs; it emphasizes experiential activities based on Positive Discipline principles and tools to inspire deeper understanding and change. Participants say that the Team Problem Solving Steps and the Team Meeting process provide fun and effective ways for them to get specific help with real opportunities and challenges at work.

Attendees will earn recognition as Certified Empowering People in the Workplace Facilitators and will learn to:

  • Deepen understanding of how Alfred Adler’s principles present a timely, holistic model for businesses.
  • Deepen understanding of Top Card with a focus on strengths, and learn how to use many other Positive Discipline tools in workplace situations.
  • Delve into childhood memories to discover how you formed some of your beliefs.
  • Participate in experiential activities for better understanding of how to be encouraging to yourself and others.
  • Learn how to facilitate the Team Problem Solving Steps (that are so effective in families, classrooms, and marriages), are also fun and effective in businesses.
  • Learn how the Team Meeting process can effectively solve problems and create connection.
  • Learn ways to use empowering methods of communication to promote a respectful, highly productive workplace environment.


After participating in the Empowering People in the Workplace 3-Day Workshop you:

  • Receive a Certificate as an Empowering People in the Workplace Facilitator.
  • Can use the tools and processes in your own business or in other organizations.
  • Can use the agendas created in the workshop to use with other businesses.

To Become a Certified Empowering People in the Workplace Trainer to Facilitate the 3-Day EPW Workshop:

  • You must be a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer for a minimum of 2 years. Learn more at: https://positivediscipline.org/certification
  • Have facilitated at least 3 Positive Discipline core workshops.
  • Apply online at positivediscipline.com to be considered for certification.
  • Provide documentation of a minimum of 10 hours of facilitation with a business using the EPW activities and tools.
  • Send agendas used, evaluations, a brief summary of your experiences.
  • A phone interview may be requested.
  • Organize and co-facilitate one 3-day EPW workshop with a Certified EPW Trainer.